The Family Food Project – Challenge – Start Your Veggie Garden Now?

You may have already planted your tulip and daffodil bulbs…but what about your garlic bulbs?

Garlic has been a successful and easy crop for me – so I urge you to try it for yourself!

Start a Veggie Garden Now! Plant Garlic!

Step 1: Start with locally grown garlic. Your best bet is to buy it at a Farmer’s Market or from a local seed catalogue.

Step 2: Find a sunny spot in your garden (can be in the flower garden too as they are an interesting and pretty plant!.

Step3: Divide the garlic heads into individual cloves – take care to keep the papery skin on them. (Each clove will produce one full garlic head)

Step 4: Loosen up the soil and plant the individual cloves pointy side up – about 3 inches deep and 6 inches apart.

Step 5: Cover with soil and top that off with leaves to keep them cozy for the whole winter.

Your garlic will be one of the first plants to push through the soil in the spring. You might not think that will be exciting now- but just wait! After a long winter, you will be thrilled to see the green shoots!

In early summer you will notice long curly spikes  – these are Garlic Scapes – it is best to snap these off so that the energy goes into the bulb. But don’t compost those…..chop them up and use them like garlic in your recipes. Great in pesto! I store them in water in a vase on the counter. It looks like an exotic bouquet!

You can harvest your garlic in the mid-summer. Let them dry in a single layer in a shady, dry spot in the house for about 2 weeks to ‘cure’. Rub the dirt off of them and store in a dry spot in your kitchen (not the fridge). You will love the fresh flavor of your very own garlic!

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