What Do You Serve With Your Barbecue

In barbecue country, that is the south, sides are traditionally not that important, it is the meat that matters most. However, in recent times some of the most famous barbecue restaurants have broken with tradition and begun to serve BBQ side recipes with their meat. Traditionally real barbecue was served with white bread and possibly onions, pickles, and cheddar cheese but nothing else, except maybe sweet tea or beer.


Where you find BBQ sides recipes, one of the main ones is Coleslaw. Admittedly a simple dish, but it can be a great complement to barbecue especially when you need to feed a crowd. A spicy batch of Cole slaw will go a long way with some good barbecue and it does not hurt that it is an extremely easy dish to make. Cut up and toss some cabbage with some mayo, lime juice, jalapenos and cilantro let it sit for at least an hour and you have a crisp, cool and spicy salad to go as a side with the barbecue.

If you need another BBQ sides recipes there is always barbecue baked beans. Use a can of your favorite baked beans and doctors them up with your homemade barbecue sauce, some onions, green pepper, salt and black pepper and you have your second side that everyone will like. Good barbecue, spicy Coleslaw, and barbecue baked beans, possibly throw in a piece of Texas toast and you have a great barbecue meal that can’t be beaten. The only other thing you need is beverage which of course will be sweet iced tea or beer.

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