About Edie

I have been interested in health and food as long as I can remember and believe that food and exercise are great pleasures of life and are vital to being healthy and happy. We are given one body so we have to treat it with respect.

My program philosophy is to emphasize whole, real foods and convenient, enjoyable fitness.

Menu planning, expanding cooking skills with simple but ‘crazy’ healthy recipes and practicing portion control are at the core of my program. I  promote inexpensive home workout equipment, walking, jogging, strength training and yoga.

We start where you are now – and develop a plan that progresses over several weeks.

I live with my fit husband, Mike, two healthy, active sons, two lazy cats and my personal trainer, Bella the dog.

I love helping clients find their way to better health through food and fitness!

Specializing in the nutrition support of:
Weight Loss/Gain
Heart Health
Child/Teen/Adult Nutrition
Overall Health and Energy

  • graduated from St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia -Internship at Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Clinical Dietitian in Belfast, Maine and London, Ontario
  • Instructor of continuing education courses at University of Western Ontario and a speaker for London Running Room
  • Personal Trainer Specialist, Canadian Fitness Professionals
  • Private Practice Dietitian , Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Freelance writer, Better Homes and Gardens
  • Memberships: Dietitians of Canada, Nova Scotia Dietetic Association, Canadian Fitness Professionals